My name is Egor.
I am a nine-grade schoolboy. I am going in for playing basketball. I don’t like shopping. I particularly enjoy swimming. I am also interested in photography. I live with my parents. I’m quite confident and I prefer talking to other confident people. I think I’m kind and very loyal to my friends. I live in Temirtau. I learn in the twenty-seventh school. And I like music. Some people like classical music, others like popular music. As for me, I love all kinds of music, I’m a music lover. In some types of music you can find happiness, some sadness. Some music is serious, and another can make people laugh. And more we often take part in various basketball competitions and won First and Second places. I want to try myself in the future in the university league of basketball. In my family there are four people: Dad, Mom, my elder brother and I. With best wishes, Egor Kos

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